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Will Japan’s Efforts to Halt Trading of Dash, Zcash and Monero Succeed?

  by David Drake   The financial regulator in Japan, Financial Services Agency (FSA), has been quietly advising cryptocurrency exchanges in the country to quit trading Zcash, Dash and Monero. The three cryptocurrencies are seen to be favoured by money launderers as well as others who engage in criminal activities. The decision to discourage cryptocurrency exchanges from trading in these altcoins is largely informed by a report released by Europol last year. In the report, Europol indicated that these altcons are among the prefered digital coins of underworld participants because they are not easy to trace compared to currencies such as bitcoin. Real threats In the past, Monero has been targeted in cryptojacking attempts with hackers causing malware infections on computers in order to hijack their CPUs and then use them for mining the digital currency. But will ceasing their trading address the problem of cyber crime that has become ... Read More »

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