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SEC Catapults Obama’s JOBS Act and Enables SMEs and Startups to Raise $50 Million through Regulation A+

By David Drake   In a bombshell announcement, the SEC has just released the final form of Regulation A+ rules relating to Title IV of the JOBS Act, under which it has priority over state regulation for Regulation A offerings up to $50 million and stipulates co-ordinated reviews for offerings up to $20 million. Companies on a fast growth trajectory will soon have the ability to raise up to $50 million by directly approaching unaccredited investors much like an IPO, providing a potent alternative to sources of institutional financing such as venture capital. Many people were convinced that Title IV was the most potent game changer in the JOBS Act but had serious concerns about the expense and complications of State securities law which would require securities to be registered in every state in which they are sold. However, in their draft release of the proposed rules in December 2013, ... Read More »

Hedge Funds Sail Towards Crowdfunding Space in 5 Steps

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‘A hedge fund is an aggressive investment portfolio. It utilizes advanced investment strategies in local and foreign markets to obtain high returns. Hedge funds are mostly private investment partnerships for a limited number of investors, requiring a high sum. The minimum period of investment is one year. Hedge funds are unregulated. Thus, US laws require investors to have substantial investment knowledge and have a net worth of over a million dollars per year.’ Angel investors and venture capitalists  are the sources of funding that new businesses are seeking to grow dynamically. New businesses and entrepreneurs, however, normally experience obstacles launching their ideas and sharing benefits with the investors. The basic factor that hinders  entrepreneurs is finding  smart, educated investors who could be their prospect fund providers. On the other hand, investors require strong platforms to gauge the profitability of business ideas with minimal risk. Hedge funds are unregulated, and they ... Read More »

Why Canada’s Top Real Estate Mavericks are Targeting the US Market

  The revitalization of the American real estate industry in recent times after it suffered a major setback in the aftermath of the subprime mortgage crisis has caught the attention of foreign investors. These real estate savvy investors have been attracted to the vast and high yielding investment opportunities that abound in the United States. While the U.S. real estate marketplace has witnessed the influx of investors from different nations of the world, top Canadian investors in recent years have led the pack. The total foreign capital inflows into the fast growing US property market in 2013 stood at $38.7 billion, of which a third of this amount came from Canadian investors.  In addition, according to the Royal Bank of Canada, the investment of Canadians in the US commercial property market in the past five years is an average of between $15 and $19 billion.   Toronto Skyline Photo credit: ... Read More »

Top 5 Markets for Accredited Investors in Real Estate

“Find the right market and the right partner, execute quickly, don’t miss an opportunity—and invest one deal at a time.” – Emerging Trends in Real Estate 2014 by PWC and Urban Land Institute.   When investing in real estate through crowdfunding, it is not just important for accredited investors to do their due diligence concerning the right platform to invest in. Identifying the top markets with the highest yields and deal flows is also important.   If you are a developer, knowledge of the top real estate markets will help you in making wise decisions with regards to the location of your projects. If, on the other hand, you are an average real estate investor, you can receive greater returns on your investment if you know the top markets.   The Emerging Trends in Real Estate 2014 report by PWC and Urban Land Institute gave rankings on the top real ... Read More »

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