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How to Minimize the Risk of a Self-Directed IRA


Self-directed IRAs provide many benefits for investors, including index funds for ease of maintenance and the opportunity to invest in a variety of industries ranging from real estate to precious metals. Yet despite the higher rewards, the risks of self-directed IRAs remain incredibly high for many experienced investors. By familiarizing yourself with the industry and learning how to vet companies, investors can better make the necessary decisions that a self-directed IRA requires. While there’s nothing wrong with opening an IRA with a bank or brokerage firm, your investment options are limited to the products they carry. With a self-directed IRA, the opportunities expand dramatically to include nontraditional investments, offshore funds, or even limited partnerships. Still, despite increased opportunity, self-directed IRAs also become a potential source of trouble. Investors should be aware of the major pitfalls a self-directed IRA can create. Investors Must Avoid “Self-Dealing” One of the main priorities for ... Read More »

The Risk of Fraud With Self-Directed IRAs


When it comes to investing with your self-directed IRA, the rules of the game can be tricky. As NASAA has noted, fraudulent investments that use self-directed IRAs are a common occurrence. If you are planning on investing using your self-directed IRA, there are certain steps that you can take to avoid being defrauded by others. Furthermore, there are ways to minimize your risk of accidentally abusing your own self-directed IRA. The consequences for fraud and self-directed IRA abuse are very serious, but with these tips you can keep your self-directed IRA safe. Fraud on the Rise In 2012, NASAA began to notice a rise in complaints against investors who had been investing fraudulently with their self-directed IRAs. These issues involved both situations in which the investor him or herself used a self-directed IRA for a fraudulent scheme and situations in which the investor was led astray by another company or ... Read More »

4 Benefits of Diversifying Your Portfolio with Self-Directed IRAs


Self-directed IRAs give investors an opportunity to not only diversify their portfolio but to also play a bigger role in their retirement investments. Tax-free profits, asset protection, deductions, and estate planning make self-directed IRAs a strong investment choice for investors qualified to manage the account. The benefits of using self-directed IRAs include: More reliable rates of return Tax benefits Increased options for real estate and business investors Investing in what you know Reliable Rates of Return with Self-Directed IRAs For most investors, stocks, bonds, and mutual funds will cover the bulk of their retirement account. While these are certainly the most popular assets, they’re not the only ones investors can choose from. If you’re worried about inflation and ensuring that your investments keep pace with the rapid economic changes, then taking advantage of a self-directed IRA offers a wide variety of benefits. With a self-directed IRA you can invest in ... Read More »

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