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Preqin on Global Alternative Assets and Learning Curves

Preqin on Global Alternative Assets and Learning Curves

Preqin, the multi-national data and consulting firm, in its newly released 2013 “Global Alternatives Report,” offers a good deal of news about asset allocation, especially in connection with private equity on the one hand, hedge funds on the other.  It also offers a list of questions for investors doing their due diligence – questions proposed specifically in a PE context but many of which will be appropriate in either context. The list comes courtesy of a contribution to the report from Stephen Cravers, the head of fund analytics for Cogent Partners.  The first round of questions he proposes includes these: What kinds of companies have you bought and sold, and at what multiples? What happened to the acquired companies fundamentals when you did so? [If the PE fund has strong performance numbers], are they founded upon one recent home run, or a consistent record of well-hit singles and doubles? What ... Read More »

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