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The Many Faces of Life Insurance

The Many Faces of Life Insurance

By David Drake Many people in the world recognize the importance of having insurance. Today, insurance is not only a way of providing security in times of uncertainties, but it can also be a mode of investment. Life insurance, one form of insurance,  has become more and more popular over the last two decades, due to its savings and investment opportunities. By definition, life insurance is a policy taken against the life of the insured. The owner pays premiums for a specified amount of time. When the insured passes away, a  certain amount is to be paid usually to the family of the deceased. The primary purpose of life insurance is to ensure that family members are financially taken care of after one’s passing. However, today, life insurance has evolved to provide many other benefits. Various life insurance products enable people to accumulate a cash reserve which can be used even ... Read More »

A Complete Guide to Premium Financing

  by David Drake Life insurance is undoubtedly one of the most important policies for individuals and businesses. However, when it comes to the financing of the insurance, many people have doubts whether to use their current cash flow or existing assets as a refinancing strategy. A good example is when you have the cash, but you would rather spend it on other things. Another example is if you have liquid assets, such as real estate, stocks, bonds or business assets, but you are not inclined to access them in order to purchase your life insurance. This is where premium financing comes in to help you pay monthly instalments for your life insurance, as opposed to  paying a lump sum all at once. Premium financing can be an ideal solution whether your life insurance is designed for philanthropic purposes, estate funding, or business planning. It allows you to control funds ... Read More »

What No One Tells You about Financing Life Insurance Premiums

by David Drake Premium financing, when you borrow money from third party funders to pay for your insurance premiums, has been embraced as an alternative for people seeking to lighten the burden of paying for their life insurance. And while this may seem like a good path to take, many are questioning whether or not it’s worth the hassle, or would it be better to just pay the lump sum for the premium all at once and be done with it? While borrowing costs might be initially low, they will soar with the rising rates, which could leave the premium holder in debt, and with an unpaid life insurance policy.   On the other hand, borrowing money from third parties in order to finance life insurance is always appealing, especially for wealthy people who do not wish to liquidate their assets. Repaying the borrowed funds by  installments may seem like a ... Read More »

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