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Focusing on Personal Finance: Reexamining a Self-Directed Individual Retirement Account


For many Americans, the idea that you need to have $1 million in savings to retire is a terrifying thought, which often leads them to bury their heads in the sand and ignore their retirement investments all together. Nevertheless, it is more important than ever to manage your investment in your retirement. Let’s look at how IRAs are being refocused. Breaking Down a Self-Directed Individual Retirement Account Opening a self-directed individual retirement account has a number of benefits. Instead of opening a traditional IRA at a brokerage firm or bank, where you usually end up choosing their associated investment products, such as mutual funds, many people are opening self-directed IRAs. Because this kind of individual retirement account allows for more room for your own choices, you have the freedom to do your own research and ultimately invest in non-traditional alternative assets. Putting It Together: Risks and Rules A U.S. tax ... Read More »

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