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Matthew Mellon, Billionaire Banking Heir Leaves a Crypto Legacy

  by David Drake Banking heir and cryptocurrency bigwig billionaire, Matthew Mellon, passed away on April 16th, in Mexico. The cryptocurrency landscape will never be the same again with his passing. When the industry was just starting and investors were hard to get, he invested $2 million in cryptocurrencies. That investment move encouraged other investors to follow suit, and brought him $1 billion in profits. My family office continues to work with his family and bank. We deeply mourn his demise,  and feel the impact in a big way. As we reflect the role that Mellon played in the cryptocurrency space, colleagues in the industry identify various contributions that he made to the industry. Here are 3 reasons why he will forever be an icon in the cryptocurrency market: Crypto Mainstreaming The confidence with which Matthew Mellon approached the cryptocurrency industry paved the way for adoption and possible mainstreaming across ... Read More »

Top 3 Ways Matt Mellon Contributed to the Cryptocurrency Market

by David Drake Early this week, news that Matt Mellon had passed on shocked everyone in the cryptocurrency world. Mellon, a billionaire banking heir, is not new to cryptocurrency players because he was one of the early investors who reaped big when the market performed really well in 2017. He is known to have made a $2 million investment into cryptocurrencies from which he made a $1 billion in revenue. Though he is gone, Mellon has certainly left an indelible mark in the cryptocurrency industry. Significant Contribution A few years ago, when Mellon decided to backup Ripple, many people thought he had lost his mind. At the time, the technology behind Ripple had not been tested nor proven and it appeared to have no immediate competitors, similar to Western Union. As a result of taking the risk to invest in cryptocurrencies at a very early stage, many players in this ... Read More »

Will New Guidelines Bolster Family Offices? Or Become Their Kryptonite?

Will New Guidelines Bolster Family Offices? Or Become Their Kryptonite?

By David Drake In the past few years, several changes have been made in the family office regulatory environment. Family offices that were not registered with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in 2011 had to reassess their acquiescence with the latter’s regulations, which restricted family offices qualifying for exemption of the Registered Investment Advisors. The Final Rule 275.202 (a)(11)(G)-1, that came to effect on 22 June 2011, outlined the family offices excused from registration requirements contained in the Investment Advisers Act of 1940, and amended by the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act -“Dodd-Frank Act” in July of 2010. As Registered Investment Advisers, family offices are subject to SEC’s oversight, and are expected to observe SEC’s regulations and reporting requirements with regard to annual disclosures, compliance programs, record keeping, solicitation agreements, plus marketing and advertising. “This is important because investors are looking for a well-grounded, long-term ... Read More »

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