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Mr. Anastasios A. Maraslis

   ” IS GREEK SHIPPING UNDER THREAT?” by Mr. Anastasios Maraslis        S.T.I.C’s CEO/President.   Greeks dominate the seas since ancient times and Shipping has been the oldest form of occupation of the Greeks until today. The Greek ownership merchant fleet is the largest in tonnage capacity exceeding the 17% of the world’s total. Despite the past decades several economic recessions and shipping crises Greeks were always managing to come out of stronger and better off, with more ships than before. Their inherent talent to buy and sell timely, to manage their fleet economically during the recessed periods and the low freight, throat cutting competition, downturn shipping cycles – has been their distinctive advantage compared to other shipping nations. It’s been an International shipping standard to follow the Greeks in recessed periods and “do as they do”, until the decade of 2000. In the decade of 2000 shipping business and world trade ... Read More »

Hedge Funds Sail Towards Crowdfunding Space in 5 Steps

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‘A hedge fund is an aggressive investment portfolio. It utilizes advanced investment strategies in local and foreign markets to obtain high returns. Hedge funds are mostly private investment partnerships for a limited number of investors, requiring a high sum. The minimum period of investment is one year. Hedge funds are unregulated. Thus, US laws require investors to have substantial investment knowledge and have a net worth of over a million dollars per year.’ Angel investors and venture capitalists  are the sources of funding that new businesses are seeking to grow dynamically. New businesses and entrepreneurs, however, normally experience obstacles launching their ideas and sharing benefits with the investors. The basic factor that hinders  entrepreneurs is finding  smart, educated investors who could be their prospect fund providers. On the other hand, investors require strong platforms to gauge the profitability of business ideas with minimal risk. Hedge funds are unregulated, and they ... Read More »

Back to Basics: Hedge Fund Fundamentals


Are you a rookie at hedge fund diversification? Perhaps you’re a long time investor interested in moving into hedge funds. Either way, it’s important to refresh yourself about the best strategies for instilling solid hedge fund practices. No matter how much experience you have in investments, it’s always wise to continue educating yourself about the possibilities. Despite the negative image hedge funds have earned over the years, they remain one of the pillars of wise investment opportunities in the financial world. Although the prospect might be intimidating, remember hedge funds have solid motives: positive annual return, stable value, and capital preservation. How Are Hedge Funds Different? The primary elements differentiating hedge funds from other types of investments are arbitrage, hedging, leverage, and a special focus on absolute returns. Arbitrage strategies are vital for success. Developing a diverse roster of methods for arbitrage is part of making a hedge fund successful. ... Read More »

Making the Most Out of Your Hedge Fund: Top Strategies for Success


If you invest in hedge funds, you know that there are many different strategies one can use to invest. In fact, there are about 14 investment strategies that one can use for hedge funds. In addition, with the many different types of hedge funds out there, it can be difficult to understand what strategies work the best. While every hedge fund is unique, there are strategies for investment that are considered highly volatile, making them unpredictable for the future, and strategies that are low in volatility, meaning that they are less of a risk for you. Here are the hedge fund strategies that are likely to provide you with the least risk. 1. Income Strategy In the income strategy, the focus of the investment is on current income, not just capital gains. The leverage in this strategy can often be used for buying bonds. In addition, leverage can be used ... Read More »

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