Thursday, February 21, 2019
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How the Government Shut Down is Affecting Investors – So Far


On the heels of a government shutdown, the U.S. stock market opened a new month and new quarter with hardly a shrug, as investors appear confident that the first shutdown in 17 years will be relatively short lived. In fact, Wall Street rebounded Tuesday, with approximately 6 billion shares exchanged throughout the day. Shares across the board from Apple to WellPoint Inc. to Walgreen Co. saw gains despite political trepidation over the shutdown. Even gold, which has struggled in previous months, experienced notable rises. But as 800,000 federal employees, national parks, and major services remain closed, investors are increasingly concerned about the how the shutdown will eventually affect the market. The reality, though, is that the shutdown itself will have little to no impact, as the real concern will be the upcoming debt limit. Though the government has raised the debt ceiling on 42 occasions since 1980, many are uncertain ... Read More »

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