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Gold Futures Rebound; Other Precious Metals Uncertain


After hitting a two-month low, gold prices saw a rebound, though the long-term trends remain uncertain. Despite its volatility, speculators are returning to purchase gold futures, while other precious metals have seen much less enthusiasm. Precious metal activities throughout the world are beginning to build confidence in gold among speculators, while other precious metals may see a cutback. Gold Makes a Sluggish Comeback After recent lows, gold experienced a lift as the performance of other precious metals remained mixed. As the implications of the government shutdown sank into the market, gold futures rebounded, though many analysts and investors maintain a bearish outlook. Despite the drop in prices, some physical investors see the long-term drop as an opportunity as the U.S. budget crisis looms in the future. Market elements fueling gold’s rally include: Lower than expected job numbers from the ADP The dollar’s performance against the yen Support from quantitative easing ... Read More »

Gold: The Granddaddy of Alternative Investments


For many years, gold has been the go-to for alternative investments. It is one of the more stable ways to invest, but not all gold is “created equal,” so to speak. Let’s talk about some sensible strategies for investing in gold. Types of Gold Gold stocks and funds are a common means of investing in this asset because they do not require actually storing or managing physical gold investments. Nevertheless, while many investors opt to invest in gold funds or stocks, whether a mining firm or a mutual fund, there are a number of other ways to invest in gold much more directly. Gold Coin According to this Forbes article, the best way to invest in this precious metal is to own it in gold coin. Gold coins are available in a number of world currencies and they are small, giving them optimal liquidity while simultaneously allowing even the most ... Read More »

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