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Hedge Funds Sail Towards Crowdfunding Space in 5 Steps

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‘A hedge fund is an aggressive investment portfolio. It utilizes advanced investment strategies in local and foreign markets to obtain high returns. Hedge funds are mostly private investment partnerships for a limited number of investors, requiring a high sum. The minimum period of investment is one year. Hedge funds are unregulated. Thus, US laws require investors to have substantial investment knowledge and have a net worth of over a million dollars per year.’ Angel investors and venture capitalists  are the sources of funding that new businesses are seeking to grow dynamically. New businesses and entrepreneurs, however, normally experience obstacles launching their ideas and sharing benefits with the investors. The basic factor that hinders  entrepreneurs is finding  smart, educated investors who could be their prospect fund providers. On the other hand, investors require strong platforms to gauge the profitability of business ideas with minimal risk. Hedge funds are unregulated, and they ... Read More »

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