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20 Powerful Quotes from Women Leaders and Entrepreneurs


Compared to an all-male ensemble, which gets funded by Venture Capital firms 4 times more than teams led or composed of at least 1 female, startups founded by women only receive 8% of the VC funding pie. A CB Insights study revealed that when women become partners in a VC firm, funding for women-led firms hiked significantly to 58%. I would like to see more women becoming investors and entrepreneurs and more men investing in women-led companies. In my global roadshow to 40 countries early this year, I had the privilege to keynote an event in Qingdao, China for 30 young females aged 18 to 40, who are being groomed to be future matriarchs of their family offices, the power of women leadership became even more imminent and crucial to me. Women in leadership and entrepreneurial positions have shaped history globally. Their remarkable role in the families who have raised ... Read More »

5 Financing Mistakes Every Startup Entrepreneur Should Know


by David Drake   For startup entrepreneurs, knowing exactly how much capital they need to raise can be a challenge. As a result, most entrepreneurs either ask for very high or very low amounts. This  undermines their fundraising efforts. Breaking down numbers accurately can help address this problem. Accurate numbers assure investors, lenders and business owners that a good deal of research and planning went into creating a realistic view of a startup’s financial needs. It is easy for startup entrepreneurs to miss out on important details when creating a financial plan. Here are five common mistakes in startup financing you need to pay attention to:   1. Securing Less Capital than you Need   According to a Hiscox survey, about 18 percent of startup owners do not secure sufficient capital because they underestimate their starting costs. Entrepreneurs tend to be overly optimistic about generating sales over a short period ... Read More »

What To Look For In an Entrepreneur

What To Look For In an Entrepreneur

“Investing in a startup” is almost a misnomer. You’re likely aware that, while startups are a real way to diversify your portfolio, they’re also quite different from traditional investments. Startups carry far greater risk, but the potential reward is exponential. Angel investors accept substantial risk in startups, as the business may not yet exist upon initial investment or may need to overcome significant obstacles before the road to success can begin. It’s important to remember you’re not investing in a business… you’re investing in a person, or the entrepreneur. As such, identifying sound business qualities and intuition are merely the beginning of a long list of characteristics necessary for a successful entrepreneur. Essentially, if you want to make a wise startup investment, you need render a sound character decision about the entrepreneur. There are several traits that successful entrepreneurs tend to possess. All individuals are different and possess different qualities ... Read More »

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