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This Will Save You From Incurring Losses Caused by Cybersecurity Risks and Fraud: Oxford BioChronometrics

  by David Drake       There is on the average $11.7 million losses annually in organizations due to cybersecurity fraud and crimes according to a 2017 Accenture study. No surprise that 75% of 500 businesses surveyed by Experian worldwide in 2018  are now seeking more advanced security measures and authentication processes to protect their customers. Oxford BioChronometrics’ cybersecurity and fraud detection technology defends its clients against the rising tide of fraud by analyzing their ads and lead generation efforts to inform them about their real human audience. Their cybersecurity solutions cover the entire client acquisition process to ensure the best possible ROI. I had the privilege to sit down with David Scheckel, CEO of Oxford BioChron whose token sale will start this October 2018, to learn how they are addressing this problem and finding more ways to secure digital ads and assets through their Human Recognition Technology. 1. What problem is your ... Read More »

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