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Bitcoin’s Price Remains Low Despite an Optimistic Outlook

  by David Drake     The volatility in bitcoin prices has led to marked ups and downs in the value of the leading cryptocurrency. This has raised questions on whether the bitcoin bubble has finally burst for good. Bitcoin’s total market capitalization dropped from $800 million to $200 million in just a few months, according to data from CoinMarketCap. At the beginning of September, Bitcoin traded at $6,450 and closed the first week of October at $6,576. But as the value of Bitcoin remains low, blockchain, the technology that powers Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, has been gaining popularity. In the business world, the technology has powered platforms such as Noiz Chain that facilitated interactive advertising, Qupon that allows for marketing of virtual coupon, URAllowance that facilitates family interactions using smart contracts and ONe Network that enhances  security in social media. Causes of Devaluation The drop in the value of Bitcoin ... Read More »

Why Some Industry Players Think The Cryptocurrency Bubble Could Burst Soon

  by David Drake     A review of  cryptomarket performance in 2017 indicates a capitalization growth that peaked during the last quarter of the year exceeded $650 billion by the 21st day of December. The increase in total market capitalization was a result of the rising value in Bitcoin’s capitalization which recorded more than 1400% growth, rising from $15.5 to $236.7 billion. Altcoins were not left behind. Their capitalization rose by more than 17,000%, from a low of $2.2 billion at the beginning of the year to 376.2 billion. The year also reported an increase in digital assets and cryptocurrencies launched, from 617 to more than 1,300. At the same time, blockchain, the technology underlying cryptocurrencies, created possibilities for developers to come up with innovative tech solutions to problems facing different sectors. Notable Changes Some notable solutions include digital asset portfolio management platform, BlockVest, peer to peer hedge fund trading ... Read More »

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