Thursday, February 21, 2019


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Key Issues Hindering Blockchain’s Mass Adoption

  By David Drake   Since its inception, blockchain has experienced significant growth with tests and trials being conducted in different sectors. Its popularity has been based on its ability to provide  transparency, security and transaction tracking solutions. However, despite the increased popularity of blockchain benefits, mass adoption of the technology remains a mirage for many with trading volumes remaining insignificant. Joseph Oreste, founder & CEO of Qupon says, “Trading volume is insignificant due, in part, to the lack of commercial applications running on these distributed ledgers. Here at Qupon we are doing our part to revolutionize the multi-billion dollar coupon industry, providing a global decentralized marketplace for merchants to advertise crypto coupons as digital assets on blockchain technology.” For corporates, the major hindrance to mass adoption of blockchain is the cost of changing to a new system. Such a shift would involve acquisition of new equipment and development of ... Read More »

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