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NOIZ Chain: The Evolution of Personal and Business Data into Secured and Monetized Digital Assets

  By David Drake   With the proliferation of social media sites and applications where communication, data, and content sharing gets to be fast, easy and eventually monetized, the risk of personal and business data leak has also become imminent.  Data and information breach and fraud has become bywords, thus the need for data and information security companies and custodian. I recently met with Andy Ann, the CEO of NOIZ,  a company that not only safeguards data and digital assets but also allows their owners to monetize them. “NOIZ is a data custodian and digital asset transfer platform that provides consumers control over their data and privacy. This means having control over the media targeted to you online while also giving you the ability to monetize your data,” Andy says. He further adds, “Using blockchain, NOIZ puts you in control of your advertising and content delivery. As a consumer, this means ... Read More »

How HFC Coin will make Mortgages More Secure and Transparent with Blockchain and AI

    By David Drake   The blockchain technology is disrupting a whole plethora of the smallest to the largest industries and applications. I recently caught up with HFC Coin’s Bryan Stone, CEO, and James Lopez, President/CTO, who shared how the emerging technology is going to reshape the mortgage industry as we know it. HFC harnesses the power and security of blockchain technology and artificial intelligence to solve real-world problems of mortgage customers and mortgage investors. The HFC platform ensures that all stakeholders in the mortgage process are taken care of. 1. What problem is your ICO project addressing?   We are reducing the unnecessary costs associated with obtaining a residential mortgage in the United States. Using Blockchain and AI we can dramatically reduce the consumer costs and we are able to open up mortgage investing to smaller investors as opposed to only institutional investors. – Bryan Stone, CEO Blockchain offers ... Read More »

How Coinnect Harnesses Blockchain for the Knowledge and Talent Sharing Economy

    By David Drake   With internet connectivity and mobile apps, sharing our knowledge, content, and talent globally is not a difficult feat anymore. But to do this seamlessly, in live mode and to be paid directly for those services, there lies the challenge. Coinnect is a blockchain-based platform designed for live remote services and content which offers secure, commission-free, and real-time crypto payments. The platform’s tools support live one-on-one, group, and broadcast high-quality video streaming. Coinnect’s CEO Massimiliano Rijllo shared with me recently his vision and outlook for the company and its market: 1. What problem is your ICO project addressing? Coinnect is working to innovate the way people can share their knowledge and talent. Today tools like Youtube Live allow streaming of content and receiving a percentage of the advertising revenues generated by a central streaming platform. With Coinnect, the pricing is fully decided by the person ... Read More »

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