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Will Singapore Maintain its Edge in ICOs After Beta Testing Fiat-Crypto Exchange?

  by David Drake     Singapore’s third ranking as the most favorable country for successful initial coin offerings (ICOs) has just gotten better. Binance, the leading cryptocurrency exchange in the world, now with a trading in volume comparable to Nasdaq, has introduced a fiat-cryptocurrency exchange in the country. This exchange is compatible with the Singapore dollar and is presumed to not only introduce new entrants to the market but also to make it easier to convert across currencies. Binance follows up on developments made in countries such as Lichtenstein, Uganda, and South Korea, where it has already established dual cryptocurrency exchanges. The company has already made inroads in markets like the Malta Stock Exchange, which allows for security token trading. Regional Focus Trading in the volume of over a billion dollars daily, the company’s ambitions extend to future markets in Africa and Bermuda. These regions, with their already largely decentralized ... Read More »

Bitcoin’s Price Remains Low Despite an Optimistic Outlook

  by David Drake     The volatility in bitcoin prices has led to marked ups and downs in the value of the leading cryptocurrency. This has raised questions on whether the bitcoin bubble has finally burst for good. Bitcoin’s total market capitalization dropped from $800 million to $200 million in just a few months, according to data from CoinMarketCap. At the beginning of September, Bitcoin traded at $6,450 and closed the first week of October at $6,576. But as the value of Bitcoin remains low, blockchain, the technology that powers Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, has been gaining popularity. In the business world, the technology has powered platforms such as Noiz Chain that facilitated interactive advertising, Qupon that allows for marketing of virtual coupon, URAllowance that facilitates family interactions using smart contracts and ONe Network that enhances  security in social media. Causes of Devaluation The drop in the value of Bitcoin ... Read More »

Will Japan’s Enhanced Crypto Regulations have a Positive Impact on Hacking?

  by David Drake     All over the world, cryptocurrency exchanges are becoming the target of hacking attacks. As a result, cryptocurrency investors have lost millions of dollars and this has affected their confidence in the crypto market. In the past, and most recently Japan’s crypto exchanges, have especially been largely affected by hacking which resulted in the loss of large amounts of money. In January, Coincheck Japan was hacked and $523 million worth of NEM cryptocurrency stolen from wallets in the exchange. Most recently, Zaif a Japanese cryptocurrency exchange lost an equivalent of  $60 million in virtual coins. To address these challenges, Japan’s regulator, the Financial Services Agency (FSA) has introduced new measures to counter the hacking problem and make cryptocurrency trading safer for investors. The regulator has introduced new requirements for cryptocurrency exchanges that include provision of records of meetings by new crypto exchanges showing how decisions are ... Read More »

Japan Tightens Regulations for New Crypto-Exchange Applications – Will It Reduce Hacking Incidents?

  by David Drake     Investors play an important role in growing the cryptocurrency industry and mainstream adoption of virtual currencies and blockchain technology. It is for this reason that Japan’s financial service agency (FSA) announced additional regulation measures as part of the new screening process for registration of cryptocurrency exchanges. Japan’s new move comes at a time when blockchain backed solutions are being built across the globe. Some interesting solutions include family smart contracts platform, URAllowance and mortgage lending, digital coupon marketplace, Qupon and investing platform for mortgage backed securities, HFC Coin. Others are social media security platform, ONe Network, interactive marketing platform, Noiz Chain and portfolio optimization platform, Live Tradr. New Regulations Japan has been one of the major players in the global cryptocurrency space. However, its history has been stained by two big data breaches that hit Mt. Gox and Coincheck cryptocurrency trading platforms. To address this problem, Japan’s FSA holds that the new measures will ensure ... Read More »

Why China is Embracing Blockchain But Shuns Cryptocurrency

  by David Drake     For more than 18 months now, China has waged war against cryptocurrencies. About a year ago, the country placed a ban on the sale of initial coin offerings and just weeks ago, it increased pressure on cryptocurrency activities. But even as the country suppresses any efforts of digital asset trading by limiting speculation, it is increasingly embracing blockchain technology. The technology is known to facilitate secure transactions between parties, eliminate the need for intermediaries,such as banks, and provide a faster way of transferring funds at a more affordable rate. New Opportunities As a result of these capabilities, the technology has captured the attention of numerous developers. This has resulted in the creation of blockchain-backed companies which utilize this technology to address real problems across sectors. Such companies include web mining monetization platform, Gath3r, peer-to-peer crypto trading firm, BQT, and portfolio optimization platform LiveTradr. At the ... Read More »

Why Some Industry Players Think The Cryptocurrency Bubble Could Burst Soon

  by David Drake     A review of  cryptomarket performance in 2017 indicates a capitalization growth that peaked during the last quarter of the year exceeded $650 billion by the 21st day of December. The increase in total market capitalization was a result of the rising value in Bitcoin’s capitalization which recorded more than 1400% growth, rising from $15.5 to $236.7 billion. Altcoins were not left behind. Their capitalization rose by more than 17,000%, from a low of $2.2 billion at the beginning of the year to 376.2 billion. The year also reported an increase in digital assets and cryptocurrencies launched, from 617 to more than 1,300. At the same time, blockchain, the technology underlying cryptocurrencies, created possibilities for developers to come up with innovative tech solutions to problems facing different sectors. Notable Changes Some notable solutions include digital asset portfolio management platform, BlockVest, peer to peer hedge fund trading ... Read More »

Self-Regulation: What Virtual Commodity Association and Blockchain Exchange Commission Should Really Focus On

  by David Drake     Cryptocurrencies and blockchain have become the talk in tech circles in recent years. This has raised concerns with respect to cryptocurrency regulation for industry players and governments alike. This is because blockchain, the technology that underlies cryptocurrencies, has particularly captured the attention of developers and paved way for innovations that seek to solve challenges across sectors. In the marketing industry, platforms such as IOU, Qupon and Noiz Chain are providing online customer satisfaction, marketing of digital coupons and interactive marketing solutions. In the social space, ONe Network facilitates social media security while URAllowance utilizes smart contracts to facilitate family interactions. The finance sector has not been left behind. Key innovations in this space include Gath3r that enhances digital monetization and BlockVest that enables investors to manage their virtual asset portfolios. At the same time, BQT facilitates hedge fund and cryptocurrency trading while LiveTradr enables portfolio ... Read More »

Why Colombia’s Move Could Make It the Next Crypto-Friendly Country

      By David Drake   The emergence of blockchain has presented huge opportunities for governments and businesses to enhance transparency, do away with intermediaries and reduce transaction costs. But beyond this, blockchain technology has fueled development of innovative solutions in different sectors. Some notable innovations include LiveTradr for portfolio optimization, Qupon for marketing of digital asset coupons and ONe Network for securing social media interactions, URAllowance for family smart contracts. Others are HFC Coin, a mortgage lending and investing platform for mortgage backed securities and Noiz Chain, a platform that is focused on interactive marketing. As the cryptocurrency industry grows, government interest in the industry is increasingly becoming evident. While some countries have reacted hastily to stifle the cryptocurrency industry in their borders, several governments have taken steps to create a conducive environment for the industry to thrive. One such country is Malta Island that has already put ... Read More »

Bitcoin is Going Through a Rough Patch, But its Not Out Yet

  By David Drake   Cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin, became popular in 2017. Blockchain, the technology behind cryptocurrencies, was not left behind. In the past 18 months, the technology has captured the attention of individuals and businesses in equal measure due to its ability to facilitate secure and fast transactions. As a result, numerous projects are being developed on blockchain. They include ONe Network, a project that seeks to secure social interactions online, IOU that allows e-commerce businesses to measure customer satisfaction, BQT for hedge fund trading, LiveTradr for portfolio optimization and URAllowance that uses family smart contracts. The Paradox Despite the growing popularity of blockchain, the price of Bitcoin has remained significantly low at this time of the year than it was last year. The year started off on a low note following a period of panic selling triggered by regulatory uncertainty in China and South Korea. Having closed the previous year at an all time high of close ... Read More »

Cryptocurrency Events are Marketing Avenues for ICO Startups, Here’s How

  By David Drake   Over the last two years, the popularity of cryptocurrencies has increased significantly and the technology underlying digital currencies has not been left behind. As speculation pushed the prices of Bitcoin to a peak of almost $20,000 towards the end of 2017, blockchain gained popularity. But it is not just Bitcoin that ignited the interest in blockchain, the smart contract platform, Ethereum, pushed the interest in blockchain to a whole new level with its ability to facilitate the development of decentralized application.The popularity of blockchain has the paved way for innovative solutions to be created by developers across the world. Such solutions include Gath3r targeting web miners who want to optimize the way they monetize, IOU for e-commerce businesses, NoizChain which facilitates interactive marketing, ONe Network to facilitate social media security and BlockVest that enables investors to manage their digital asset portfolios. The Value As blockchain facilitates the design and launch of innovative projects, the need ... Read More »

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