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1000 Dead Digital Coins: What Does this Really Mean for the Cryptocurrency Market?

  by David Drake     Initial coin offerings (ICOs) have gained popularity over the last two years. However, 2017 marked the beginning of fast paced growth for the cryptocurrency industry. In this year, bitcoin’s price increased from a low of $1000 to reach a high of $19,000 towards the end of the year. In addition, the industry has experienced an increase in the number of ICO projects. This year alone, more than 500 ICOs have been launched within the cryptocurrency space. Some notable ICO projects that have come to the fore include AnthemGold, a project that is changing the way people invest in precious metals including gold and OptDyn, creators of Subutai, the first intelligent, blockchain-based peer-to-peer cloud computing platform. ICO projects like URAllowance and Bitque use blockchain to facilitate parent-children communication and improve flexibility within the decentralized environment respectively.  In the e-commerce space, IOU is applying the technology to ... Read More »

Why Do ICO Projects Have a High Failure Rate?

  by David Drake     Over the last 18 months, initial coin offering (ICO), an unregulated method of raising funds, has gained popularity. This is because startups with innovative ideas opt to raise capital for their blockchain projects through ICOs. Backed by enterprising and innovative developers, startups are developing solutions to problems in different sectors. Examples of such projects include Bitque, an ICO project that enables traders to generate hedge trades on the short term and BlockVest, a platform that uses digital identity and blockchain technology to digitize virtual assets and smart contracts to self-manage digital assets. Other notable ICO projects include AnthemGold, a project that facilitates trading of gold and other precious metals on blockchain and Bank52 that uses blockchain to create a banking ecosystem that facilitates smart data, collaboration and network effects. The last five months have seen a significant rise in amounts raised through ICOs. Approximately $13.7 ... Read More »

Why is the Number of Dead Coins So High and What Needs to Be Done?

  by David Drake     The growth in the cryptocurrency industry has improved startups’ access to finance through initial coin offerings (ICOs). This model is a better alternative to capital or debt funding than banks, private equity firms and venture capital because it provides a win-win situation for the startups and their participants. According to the global ICO report, $13.7 billion has been raised through 537 ICOs in the initial five months of this year, more than double the amount raised in 2017. The report shows that the US remains one of the leading ICO destinations with startups in the country raising $1.09 billion. However, there are concerns regarding the success rate of ICO projects. Market data released by Coinopsy and Deadcoins shows that over 1000 coins launched through ICOs are now dead. Interventions need to be put in place to address the reducing success rate of ICO projects in ... Read More »

Why Commercial Viability is the Key to Improving the Success Rate of ICO Projects

  by David Drake     The invention of blockchain has created space for tech savvy individuals and companies to craft innovative solutions to problems that arise in various sectors. For instance, in the financial market, AnthemGold is using blockchain to transform the way people buy and sell precious metals, including gold. BlockVest, on the other hand, is using smart contracts to improve the way investors manage their digital asset portfolios. At the same time, URAllowance is enhancing interactions between parents and children, while IOU is utilizing blockchain to improve shopping experience for e-commerce customers. Ideas such as these continue to intrigue investors, causing them to invest billions of dollars into the cryptocurrency space. Over the last one and half years, the number of initial coin offering (ICOs) has increased significantly as owners of blockchain-based projects use them to raise capital. In just five months, an estimated $13.7 billion has been ... Read More »

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