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Fake ICOs: How Can Cryptocurrency Investors Stay Safe?

  by David Drake     Growth of the cryptocurrency industry has led to an increase of fraudulent projects that falsify information in order to attract investors. Crypto-flare is one such project. Recently, I noted that the project  has flagrantly faked its advisors and management. The site alleges that Saars Levi is its CEO and co-founder , and lists me as an advisor alongside Pialy Aditya in a attempt to give unsuspecting investors confidence in their product. I spoke to Levi and Aditya and confirmed that none of them has been approached to serve in the project. The site has clearly been bending the truth. Another site, Glitzkoin has a plagiarized white paper, directly copied from Cedex. A Major Problem Fake cryptocurrency projects continue to hit headlines as enterprising people create fake sites that imitate actual projects with a view of siphoning money from unsuspecting investors. It is estimated that such ... Read More »

Are there Tools to Guard the Crypto Market Image Amidst Rising Fake ICOs?

  by David Drake     The cryptocurrency market has gained popularity faster than anyone had anticipated, and right alongside it, is a new way to raise capital for blockchain-based projects, initial coin offerings (ICOs). In fact, over the past 18 months, cryptocurrency-related projects have been coming up in almost every single industry. The flip side of it is that not all projects are genuine – an aspect that captured the attention of the SEC to the extent that the regulator issued a public investor alert in August, 2017. Even with this alert, the number of fraudulent initial coin offering (ICO) companies seems to be on the rise. Recently, I came across an ICO platform, Crypto-flare, that has flagrantly faked its core team and advisors. Collateral Risks Crypto-flare alleges that Saars Levi is the CEO and founder, in addition to listing me and Pialy Aditya as its advisors. None of us ... Read More »

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