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Why Conferences Might Increase the Chances of Success for ICO Projects

  By David Drake   Conferences have become regular occurrences in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space, a testament of the growth that is happening in the industry. These events provide a unique platform for industry players to interact and share ideas, experiences and knowledge. And as the industry growth, I have  had a chance to keynote, moderate and speak in a number of these events. Though attended by different players in the cryptocurrency platers, one of the groups that benefits most from participating in crypto-related conferences is issuers of initial coin offerings (ICOs). Numerous ICO projects are being developed using blockchain technology already across sectors. In the social sector, ONeNetwork is using the technology to secure social interactions while URAllowance is improving family interactions using smart contracts. At the same time, BQT is enhancing cryptocurrency and hedge fund trading while BlockVest is improving portfolio management of digital assets. Also, LiveTradr ... Read More »

Crypto-Events: Are they Opportunities or Misfortunes for ICO projects

  By David Drake   Increasingly, conferences revolving around blockchain and cryptocurrencies are being held more often in different parts of the world. On average, at least ten crypto events take place every month around the globe. These events present unique opportunities for startups in the cryptocurrency space, especially initial coin offering (ICO) companies. During such events, companies such as Qupon, Gath3r, HFC Coin, and BQT can share their blockchain backed innovations in the finance sector to potential investors. But it is not just innovations in this sector that can ride of cryptocurrency and blockchain events to catapult themselves to success. Social interactions are a critical part of life today. Viable blockchain-based projects such as ONe Network, URAllowance, Noiz Chain and IOU can capture the interest of investors as well. Connections By attending blockchain or cryptocurrency events, ICO companies get access to wonderful opportunities to share their ideas and establish ... Read More »

5 Reasons ICO Companies Should Attend Live Conferences

  by David Drake     For movers and shakers in the financial and cryptocurrency world, and in many other arenas, live conferences and summits are not novel concepts. In fact, every month, some of the most influential people from different niche groups converge in various parts of the globe for conferences. I’ve been attended many conference events in the blockchain and cryptocurrency events, either as a keynote speaker or moderator. On many instances, I’ve gotten a chance to not only learn new concepts and ideas, but to impart some of my own. The cryptocurrency atmosphere has experienced rocky grounds of late and solutions to some of the challenges in the industry have been generated in some of these conferences.   But beyond industry matters, cryptocurrency events present great opportunities for finance or business-focused ICO initiatives such as Gath3r, BlockVest, Noiz Chain and BQT to raise funds. For ICO projects such ... Read More »

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