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NOIZ Chain: The Evolution of Personal and Business Data into Secured and Monetized Digital Assets

  By David Drake   With the proliferation of social media sites and applications where communication, data, and content sharing gets to be fast, easy and eventually monetized, the risk of personal and business data leak has also become imminent.  Data and information breach and fraud has become bywords, thus the need for data and information security companies and custodian. I recently met with Andy Ann, the CEO of NOIZ,  a company that not only safeguards data and digital assets but also allows their owners to monetize them. “NOIZ is a data custodian and digital asset transfer platform that provides consumers control over their data and privacy. This means having control over the media targeted to you online while also giving you the ability to monetize your data,” Andy says. He further adds, “Using blockchain, NOIZ puts you in control of your advertising and content delivery. As a consumer, this means ... Read More »

How Falcon Private Bank is Making Crypto Transfers and Fiat Conversions Possible

  By David Drake   Falcon Private Bank, a Switzerland-based bank, has announced that it now has a system that supports the direct transfer and storage of selected cryptocurrencies. The bank has introduced digital wallets called ‘Falcon Wallets’ that allow institutional and private customers to transfer cryptocurrencies as well as convert them to fiat. The digital coins that are currently supported by the bank are Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and Ethereum. In doing so, Falcon Bank has made these digital assets ‘fully bankable’ according to the report published on January 21. It has officially recognized them as virtual assets and even plans to include them in tax documents and portfolio statements. According to Martin Keller, CEO of the Falcon Private Bank, noted that by merging innovative financial solutions with conventional banking services, the bank has once again demonstrated its expertise and positioned itself as a leader in the virtual assets ... Read More »

Will the Decision to Make Digital Assets Bankable Promote Crypto Industry Growth?

  By David Drake   Utilization of cryptocurrencies and blockchain in the banking sector is not an entirely new concept. Banks around the globe have either reacted positively or negatively to crypto implementation. Blockchain technology has, however, evolved from being ignored and seen in a bad light, to providing innovative solutions in the banking industry. On realizing its potential, banks are finding ways to create applications that make transactions cheaper, faster and less complicated. Falcon’s Move Just recently, Falcon, a Swiss private bank, has initiated direct transfers of and conversion of select cryptocurrencies into fiat money. At the moment, the bank is working with Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ether and Litecoin. This move by the bank makes crypto assets fully bankable, which means crypto investors can easily place an order to trade either through the bank or e-banking. In addition, the bank will incorporate crypto assets in portfolio statements and tax ... Read More »

Why Falcon’s Digital Asset Service will Promote Crypto Integration in the Banking Sector

  By David Drake   Despite significant technological advancements, cryptocurrency critics have been described as a bubble that would burst and have adverse effects on its holders. This idea has largely been propagated in the banking sector because cryptocurrencies have been perceived as destructive to the already established business status quo. However, the reality is changing and slowly, banks are beginning to view cryptocurrencies as tools that are capable of  transforming the financial sector. This is evidenced by the fact that during the last G20 meeting, cryptocurrencies were mentioned as crucial towards building an open and resilient financial system. As a consequence, the banking sector has started to explore this space and some banks are on the path of launching relevant crypto products and services. One such bank is the Falcon Private Bank in Switzerland. This  bank has made big strides when it comes to providing banking services to the ... Read More »

What will it Take for Bitcoin’s Price to Recover in 2019?

  By David Drake   2018 was by all means a difficult year for cryptocurrencies, but the last two months have been even more challenging for the leading digital currency, Bitcoin. In November, Bitcoin traded at less than $4000, the lowest it has reached since October 2017. This price drop sent waves of panic across the market even as the prices of other cryptocurrencies plunged in a trend that lasted several weeks. The price of Bitcoin tumbled despite the fact that Bloomberg reported in a research by the Cambridge Center for Alternative Finance that in the initial three quarters of 2018, the number of verified digital currency users almost doubled. According to the research, the number of cryptocurrency users hit the 35 million mark in 2018, up from 18 million in 2017, and 5 million in 2016. The number of cryptocurrency accounts also increased significantly to reach 139 million in ... Read More »

Bitcoin Price and the Probable Causes of its Downward Trend

  By David Drake   The world’s leading cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, has been on a downhill trend with its price dipping to below $4000 last month. This kind of price drop was last seen in August 2017, yet it is the lowest Bitcoin has ever gotten and raises questions on whether this could be the end of the cryptocurrency. Optimists, however, note that the last time Bitcoin price sunk this low, they dramatically recovered to the highest price of $20,000 in December 2017. Why the Price Dip The most likely reason for the price dip is the ongoing differences in Bitcoin Cash fork which led to two factions, the Bitcoin cash and Bitcoin cash SV. As a result of the fork, these factions have been dumping Bitcoins, leading to an increase in supply and pushing Bitcoin prices down. Also, the tough regulations provided by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) have ... Read More »

Why Community Divisibility Might be Behind the Recent Market Crash

  By David Drake   Over the past weeks, the cryptocurrency industry has experienced a dramatic decline in its total market capitalization. The prices of most cryptocurrencies took a sharp nosedive, disappointing investors. The industry’s growth had started to slow down after hitting highs towards the end of 2017. This is particularly true for Bitcoin which reached an all-time high of about $20,000 in price. After the market crash, its price dropped below the $4000 mark for the first time this year. At its lowest price, the cryptocurrency market lost about $92 million in capitalization since the price began to drop on the 14th of November. Bitcoin History Although this picture might fuel concerns about the industry’s future, crashes like this are not uncommon. Due to the value of the industry and its decentralized nature, compared to traditional markets such as stock and forex markets, the cryptocurrency industry has a ... Read More »

What Caused the Recent Sharp Decline of Crypto Market Capitalization?

  By David Drake   The cryptocurrency market by its nature is unpredictable and has recently experienced a major downfall. By close of 2017, the value of Bitcoin and Ethereum rose to the highest point with Bitcoin reaching a high of almost $20,000. This high value of Bitcoin caused some countries to introduce cryptocurrency regulations to curb speculation in the industry. This, however, has not been the case in 2018. Trading in digital assets has been below those recorded in 2017 and have deteriorated further in the recent past. The total value of Bitcoin dropped significantly as its price dropped to below the $4000 mark last month. Its fall has had an adverse effect on the crypto market, triggering a drop in the value of other digital currencies to their lowest point ever. Key Triggers The cause of the cryptocurrency price crash may be difficult to pinpoint but several factors ... Read More »

The Real Reason Behind the Crypto Market Nosedive

  By David Drake   Despite aggressive predictions by financial pundits on the expected turnaround of digital coins, the cryptocurrency market hit a major road bump last month when its market capitalization fell by $42 billion. For the first time since inception, this drop landed the already crippling digital market capitalization below the $200 billion mark. At the beginning of the year, the total value of the crypto market stood at $835 billion. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) recently cracked down on the heads of two initial coin offerings (ICOs) that had been accused of breaking the law by engaging in the sales of unlicensed securities. These companies will face a fine and will likely have to provide restitution. This event could send investors running scared, though the reaction by the regulator is hardly a surprise. The Causes Initial interest in cryptocurrencies has been driven by their transparent and ... Read More »

What are Most Possible Causes for the Recent Crypto Market Crash?

  By David Drake   The cryptocurrency industry has just had a major setback in its efforts to regain the highs witnessed by the market in 2017. This is after it experienced one of the biggest market crashes in recent times that saw bitcoin price plummet below the $4000 mark. The crypto market crash was so intense to the extent that, in just about a week, the cryptocurrency market capitalization lost over over $42 billion. As cryptocurrency investors come to terms with the loss and potential investors continue to monitor industry developments from afar, it is important to analyze the reasons underlying this market to crash. Bitcoin’s Influence One key factor behind the crypto market crash is bitcoin’s influence over the market. According to coinmarketcap, bitcoin contributes to about 52% of the total market capitalization. As such, any sharp changes on its price will directly affect the total cryptocurrency market ... Read More »

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