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The Risk of Fraud With Self-Directed IRAs


When it comes to investing with your self-directed IRA, the rules of the game can be tricky. As NASAA has noted, fraudulent investments that use self-directed IRAs are a common occurrence. If you are planning on investing using your self-directed IRA, there are certain steps that you can take to avoid being defrauded by others. Furthermore, there are ways to minimize your risk of accidentally abusing your own self-directed IRA. The consequences for fraud and self-directed IRA abuse are very serious, but with these tips you can keep your self-directed IRA safe. Fraud on the Rise In 2012, NASAA began to notice a rise in complaints against investors who had been investing fraudulently with their self-directed IRAs. These issues involved both situations in which the investor him or herself used a self-directed IRA for a fraudulent scheme and situations in which the investor was led astray by another company or ... Read More »

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