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Tips for Demystifying Alternative Investments


Alternative investments can be very confusing. It isn’t always clear what counts as an alternative investment, or whether it will be a good investment long-term. With the right direction and strategic moves, an alternative investment can have fantastic benefits for an investment portfolio. Investment for the Everyman Alternative investment is an accessible financial option even without an illustrious financial history. Instead of creating an exclusive environment of the super-wealthy, alternative investments open the door to financial success for everyone. However, smart investors should practice extra caution and seek advice before making a decision about investments. Pick a Low Risk Venture Whether you choose a private placement or a different type of alternative investment, it’s wise to know a few tips for making sure the investment will be worthwhile. To ensure success, consider the following tips: When you can’t get detailed information from your broker about the potential investment opportunity, be ... Read More »

Cheers to Wine Investments

Cheers to Wine Investments

When the economy struggles, many of us step away from investing in traditional bonds and funds and instead turn to alternative commodities. Gold, for instance, often becomes extremely popular with investors when economies struggle. While there has been immense improvement over the past few years, many investors are still seeking to diversify. An investment avenue that has become increasingly popular over the past few years is wine. Wine can be extremely profitable, and certain bottles and vintages can go for thousands of dollars. If’ you’re thinking about popping the cork on a new investment, there are a few things about wine you should know before beginning: Make sure you understand the difference between investment wine and regular vino. Just because California and Australia vineyards have become extremely skilled at making wine doesn’t mean you’ll make money from such investments. With a few exceptions, investment wine only originates from five areas: ... Read More »

5 Alternative Investments that Have Accredited Investors Talking


It’s well accepted that diversity is a good thing when it comes to investments, as it reduces risk while increasing potential returns. But exactly how much diversity is necessary to maximize these benefits? Accredited investors are pushing envelopes to the limit when it comes to diversifying more than ever. Here are seven fascinating assets that accredited investors are placing their bets on. Comic books. Why comics? Similar to filmmakers in Hollywood, accredited investors are learning the power behind investing in proven titles with proven followings. The reality is that the comic book medium continues to grow in enthusiasm and fans. Furthermore, the value for extremely old or rare comic books continues to skyrocket. While comic book collecting isn’t for everyone, a wide range of people including CEOs, politicians, celebrities, and the average Joe collect comic books seriously. Precious metals. Of course, the purchase of precious metals such as gold and ... Read More »

Gold: The Granddaddy of Alternative Investments


For many years, gold has been the go-to for alternative investments. It is one of the more stable ways to invest, but not all gold is “created equal,” so to speak. Let’s talk about some sensible strategies for investing in gold. Types of Gold Gold stocks and funds are a common means of investing in this asset because they do not require actually storing or managing physical gold investments. Nevertheless, while many investors opt to invest in gold funds or stocks, whether a mining firm or a mutual fund, there are a number of other ways to invest in gold much more directly. Gold Coin According to this Forbes article, the best way to invest in this precious metal is to own it in gold coin. Gold coins are available in a number of world currencies and they are small, giving them optimal liquidity while simultaneously allowing even the most ... Read More »

Diversifying Your Portfolio with Alternative Investments


Alternative investments encompass a vast number of different kinds of investments. It’s a loose term that refers to almost anything that doesn’t include stocks and bonds. It’s time to break it down and talk about what exactly an alternative investment is – and how to make it work for your portfolio. Alternatives: Defined The actual definition of an alternative investment is actually more complex than you might think. The category of alternative investments spreads between a series of different types of investments, which can include private equity, mutual funds, exchange traded funds, liquid investments, illiquid investments – the list goes on, and that’s not even getting into specifics. A Variety of Assets When it comes to alternative investments, what it all boils down to is a variety of asset classes. This is almost inherent to the strategy. What actually defines an asset class is as fuzzy to delineate concretely as ... Read More »

What Your Alternative Investments Should Do for You


Alternative investments have long been misunderstood in the world of investing. Now that they are becoming more and more mainstream, they are almost even more difficult to understand. Fortunately, there are a lot of things alternatives can do for you and your portfolio. How Alternatives Work Let’s demystify this a little bit. Alternative investments differ from traditional investments in that investors can put their money in new and different areas, providing them with a way to improve the risk-return of their portfolio. The approach to alternative investments is a little different. Alternative investments involve a lot more diversity, from holding private securities, as well as long and short securities, rather than publicly traded investments. Alternatives also involve strategizing around hedging toward the objective of a pre-defined level of absolute return, distinct from the traditional relative performance or index. Alternative Investments: The Risks When it comes to alternative investments, it’s important ... Read More »

Preqin on Global Alternative Assets and Learning Curves

Preqin on Global Alternative Assets and Learning Curves

Preqin, the multi-national data and consulting firm, in its newly released 2013 “Global Alternatives Report,” offers a good deal of news about asset allocation, especially in connection with private equity on the one hand, hedge funds on the other.  It also offers a list of questions for investors doing their due diligence – questions proposed specifically in a PE context but many of which will be appropriate in either context. The list comes courtesy of a contribution to the report from Stephen Cravers, the head of fund analytics for Cogent Partners.  The first round of questions he proposes includes these: What kinds of companies have you bought and sold, and at what multiples? What happened to the acquired companies fundamentals when you did so? [If the PE fund has strong performance numbers], are they founded upon one recent home run, or a consistent record of well-hit singles and doubles? What ... Read More »

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