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Why ICOs are Not Worried About the Recent Crypto Market Crash

How ICOs are Responding to the Crypto Market Crash

By David Drake South Korea’s financial regulator has announced that the country will not allow trading of cryptocurrencies using anonymous accounts starting today, January 30th 2018. This means cryptocurrency traders won’t be able to make any deposits into their virtual wallets unless their cryptocurrency account details and the bank accounts they own match. One of the reasons why the cryptocurrency market tumbled last week is the uncertainty in the regulatory environment in South Korea and China. “What happened was we had some really bad news out of nowhere with Korea banning cryptocurrency and China considering heavy regulations.” says ChainTrade CEO Vincent Jacques. Bitcoin futures However, the cryptocurrency market crash was a result of several factors aside from Asia’s regulatory environment according to Vasily Kozlov, Founder and CEO of Connectius. “Cryptocurrency’s vertical growth of exchange rates at the end of the year combined with the ease of registration on most of the exchanges gave ... Read More »

How the Recent Crash Could Help Stabilize the Cryptocurrency Market

Bitcoin Prices

By David Drake Following last week’s price plunge, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are beginning to recover. However, the road to recovery has not been smooth, it’s filled with ups and downs.  Just this past Monday we saw the prices of all crypto coins drop by at least 10% based on CoinMarketCap data. At the time of writing this article, the price of Bitcoin was $11,360 while Ethereum was trading at $1061. This was after the two leading currencies recovered from a drop that saw Bitcoin trade slightly above the $10,000 mark and Ethereum below the $1000 mark on Wednesday. An Inevitable Pullback Some cryptocurrency players feel that last week’s crash was somewhat inevitable. This is largely due to the different factors that seemed to work against the market. According to  Logan Golema, Chief Technology Officer at Anthem Gold, the exit by Bitconnect and impending cryptocurrency regulation by South Korean and Chinese ... Read More »

How India’s Move to Reduce Crypto Trading is Affecting Bitcoin Prices

How India’s Move to Reduce Crypto Trading is Affecting Bitcoin Prices

by David Drake Following last week’s crash, the cryptocurrency market has started to get back on its feet with Bitcoin trading at $11,484 on Sunday 21, after dropping 10% from a high of $12,899 the day before. Reports say this slight drop could have been the result of a move by Indian banks to reduce Bitcoin trading after the government denounced the cryptocurrency months ago. Players in the industry see this as an additional contributing factor to the high price volatility experienced in the cryptocurrency market last week. According to Mavin CEO, Daniel Jazcbec, the current situation is a combination of several events that occured at the same time resulting in an overheated market, followed by a sell-off, and then panic. He says, “China was reportedly looking to deepen its crackdown on the cryptocurrency market this week. South Korea, another very strong crypto market, was reportedly going to ban crypto trading completely, ... Read More »

How China-South Korea Regulation Fears are Shaking the Crypto Market

How China-South Korea Regulation Fears are Shaking the Crypto Market

by David Drake In 2017, the cryptocurrency market recorded fast growth that hasn’t been experienced in other financial markets. Over a period of 12 months, the price of Bitcoin rose 2000% to peak slightly north of $19000 in early December. Ripple and Ethereum also recorded significant increments in prices as the year drew to a close. However, the crypto market saw, over the last few days, high volatility with sharp price plunges shaking this new asset class. CoinDesk data shows that just two days ago, Bitcoin prices dropped by over 30% to trade at less than $10,000. Ethereum and Ripple prices also went down, by 20% and 30% respectively, to trade at less than $1000 for Ether and $1 for Ripple. Some industry players associate price falls in the crypto market to uncertainty from impending government regulations on crypto trading. Recently, China and South Korea have indicated possible crackdowns on ... Read More »

How Fear and Uncertainty Have Contributed to Cryptocurrency Price Volatility

How Fear and Uncertainty Have Contributed to Cryptocurrency Price Volatility

by David Drake Over the last couple of days, the cryptocurrency market has experienced sharp drops in almost every cryptocurrency. The top ten leading cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ripple and Ethereum, have had their prices drop by double digit percentages, resulting in a total market share loss of $100 billion on Tuesday alone. Several factors are driving the crash being witnessed in the cryptocurrency market. According to Tom Meredith, CEO of Bitminutes, fear and uncertainty following warnings on scams and hacks in the cryptocurrency market are among the underlying factors driving the crash. “But there is also govt regulation and overhyped junk stocks that went up too much. Actual big technology changes launching at the core of Bitcoin, huge futures manipulation that finally hit plus fraud.The Bitconnect ponzi scam is a huge black eye on the market, it shows the need for better quality controls,” he adds. Agreeing that fear is at ... Read More »

New York, New York: Investing in Broadway

New York, New York- Investing in Broadway

The old saying goes like this: “You can’t make a living on Broadway, but you can make a killing.” While the original quote was no doubt meant for actors, it’s strikingly true for investors, as well. Broadway is a great way to diversify your portfolio and probably one of the most glamorous, but there’s a great deal of risk involved. If you’re looking to take a bite out of the Big Apple’s bright lights, there are several things you should know in advance: If you win big, you win big. Broadway is obviously a multi-million dollar business, and you can bet your bottom dollar that those who got on the ground floor on Rent, Kinky Boots, Wicked, and Phantom of the Opera are still reaping the rewards. It’s not just the shows themselves you can make money on; many highly successful Broadway musicals have gone on to become movies, as ... Read More »

Going Green: Investment in Forestry

oing Green- Investment in Forestry

Most investors get into the game to make more green… cash, that is. However, there’s another way to go green with your investment — invest in forestry. It might sound strange, but in practice, forestry investment is not all that different than investing in real estate. Harvard University is doing it, Russia and China are doing it, and if it’s good enough for them it’s certainly good enough for you. Why is forest investment so attractive? There are several reasons: Timber is a great hedge against inflation. Since timber is known as a “hard asset,” it performs in your portfolio much like investing in precious metals. It’s a good idea in an unstable economy. ROI with timber has been historically excellent. Over the course of 47 years, timber has lost value only 3 times. Demand for timber is only increasing. This is particularly true in China, where the population is ... Read More »

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