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10 Things Every Accredited Investor Needs to Know


The alternative investment universe is a complex landscape with many opportunities and pitfalls for accredited investors. By seeking guidance, knowledge, and objective counsel, investors can make the best decisions for their portfolio and assets. The more that accredited investors know about the alternative investment universe, the better decisions they’ll be able to make. So what should every accredited investor know? The types of advisors available. Not all financial advisors are created equal. In general, there are three advisors that accredited investors will work with: investment advisors, broker-dealers, and insurance agents. Investment advisors offer advice on securities, broker-dealers recommend, purchase and sell securities, and insurance agents focus on insurance products, which are regulated through state laws. The risk. The reason the SEC has such a strict definition of accredited investors is to protect the general public and the economy from liability. In other words, most start-ups fail, thereby losing investors’ money. ... Read More »

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