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5 Industries that 3D Printing Disrupts most

5 Industries that 3D Printing Disrupts most

Have you found a technology that cuts across almost all sectors – transportation,  education, pharmaceuticals, food, medicine, biotechnology, manufacturing, security and more?  Surprisingly, two printing technologies – 3D and 4D  – do intersect with different industries. With 3D printing, you can manufacture a car, construct a house, make packaging materials, design and craft jewelries and objects, prepare educational materials, assemble a gallbladder or make a hearing aid, produce spare parts of a spacecraft and more. Add a time dimension and energy source to 3D printing, you have 4D printing. It is estimated that by 2025, the 3D printing technology must have affected the global economy by as much as 230 to 600 billion dollars. Some of these industries are: 1. The Automobile Industry The automobile industry was among the first industries to adapt 3D printing technology. The sector used 3D printing technology to produce automobile parts. The technology is still revolutionizing ... Read More »

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