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Why did the Crypto-Market Register Poor Performance in 2018’s Q1 Results?

by David Drake The first quarter of 2018 did not end well as many analysts had predicted. Figures gathered on March 31, 2018, reveal a stunning blow to the market as the top 5 cryptocurrencies and altcoins experienced a major financial nosedive. The market, which ended 2017 on a high note and started 2018 with a collective value of $612 billion and reached a high $820 billion on January 8, failed to capitalize on the increase. At the close of the 2018 1st quarter, the crypto market value had fallen by 48% to $261 billion, leaving heads turning, and speculations rife on the future of this new financial asset. A Bumpy Ride The cryptocurrency market gained increasing appeal and rose to fame due to its anonymous and decentralized features. Investors envisioned new ways of evading federal taxes, as well as ease and simplicity of use, even as they raked in gargantuan ... Read More »

3 Key Factors that will Drive Crypto-Market Recovery

by David Drake The cryptomarket has experienced a significant drop starting early this year. According to CoinMarketCap, the price of top five cryptocurrencies by market cap dropped in the first quarter of 2018. The price of Bitcoin dropped by 52%, Ethereum by 48%, Ripple by 78%, Bitcoin Cash by 73% and Litecoin by 49%. During this period, the total market capitalization of cryptos dropped by nearly 58%, from $612 billion to $261 billion. “The market, in 2017, boomed in a way that had not been seen before. Some cryptos went up more than 100x in value. This drop in Q1 2018 is a healthy correction to the overall market,” says Liwaa Chehayeb, Chief Business Officer at Darico. Despite this drop, the cryptomarket is potentially poised to recover sooner than many originally anticipated. However, this recovery will be dependent on the following three factors: Cryptocurrency Regulation The cryptomarket is still self-regulated, ... Read More »

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