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Investing in 3D Printers

3D printers may seem like a new technology, and thus risky, but they have been around on an industrial level for many years. Now that 3D printers have moved into the personal level, there is a much broader market for investors.

A Brief History of 3D

Industrial establishments have long enjoyed the benefits of having 3D printing capabilities, but recently, startups have been translating the concept into an accessible option for households, which are revolutionizing the industry. Since all of the startups have started enjoying wild success, their stocks have skyrocketed alongside their popularity.

Why Investing Now is Wise

Reports are stating 3D printer companies will double their revenue by 2015 since big companies like Rolls-Royce are interested in using their products on a large scale. Since many of the printers are valued just under $100,000, any type of increase in sales generates substantial company growth.

With the immense growth happening in the industry, investors are eager to get their hands on the stocks as they continue to skyrocket. 3D may seem like a trend, but it’s proving to be a truly sound investment for investors who like to practice a little more caution in their choice. To make an educated decision to invest, it’s important to understand why 3D printers hold potential. Consider the following:

  • Industries are becoming increasingly dependant on 3D printing technology. While the companies are still getting on their feet and businesses are still adjusting to the regular use of this newly accessible technology, there are no signs of 3D printing diminishing in popularity any time soon. It offers a quick, cost-effective way to transform designs into reality.
  • Personal 3D printing is becoming easier and more popular every day. Although this technology is still expensive and geared more towards industrial purposes, it continues to grow in popularity as a standard household tech feature. People want to have access to the necessary technology to launch small businesses, pursue creative outlets, and more, which are all made easier with 3D printing.
  • Investing is only going to become more complicated in the coming years. The significant growth the industry has experienced over the last year indicates the expansion it will experience in the coming months.

While cautious investors shouldn’t rush to make the decision, it’s wise to jump on the opportunity while it lasts. The perpetual growth of the 3D printing industry promises to transform into one of the leading tech industries in a short time.

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