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Gold: The Granddaddy of Alternative Investments


For many years, gold has been the go-to for alternative investments. It is one of the more stable ways to invest, but not all gold is “created equal,” so to speak. Let’s talk about some sensible strategies for investing in gold.

Types of Gold

Gold stocks and funds are a common means of investing in this asset because they do not require actually storing or managing physical gold investments. Nevertheless, while many investors opt to invest in gold funds or stocks, whether a mining firm or a mutual fund, there are a number of other ways to invest in gold much more directly.

Gold Coin

According to this Forbes article, the best way to invest in this precious metal is to own it in gold coin. Gold coins are available in a number of world currencies and they are small, giving them optimal liquidity while simultaneously allowing even the most modest novice investors to put them away for safekeeping. Collectors of all kinds of small-sized alternatives enjoy the aesthetic and historical value of gold coin. Gold is excellent in inflation and the nations all over the world that are currently experiencing inflation difficulties are scrambling to get ahold of it.

Gold Bullion

Gold bullion is essentially gold in bulk, cast usually in bars. Bullion coins are not used in day to day exchanges of money but are, in fact, exchanged all over the world market. The value of bullion depends entirely on the content of metals – not so much the condition of the bar or ingot.

Sensible Buying

Remember, as with all investments, the price of gold is not static. This means that it’s important to keep in mind that gold may or may not increase or even keep its value.

Regardless, according to this Forbes contributor, gold has been predicted to skyrocket in price and has been going up for a number of years. By the year 2001, gold was worth $1,000 per ounce and, at this point, is worth almost $1,500 per ounce. The thing about gold, according to the above Forbes article, is that it has trust that it will maintain in the long term, which is great news for investors.

Investing sensibly means that you should always do your homework ahead of time. Remember that, just like with all your other investments, you need to spend money on other costs. You will want to insure your assets, as well as make sure that they are deposited in a safe place, such as a deposit box, a safe, or a well-protected offsite storage unit.

Gold investors are also well advised to stay away from shady sales pitches that urge them to act immediately. It is a much better tactic to find an appraiser that you trust who specializes in this particular asset.

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