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EVs are the New Car Tech to Invest In

With the large success of the Tesla Model S, electric vehicles are becoming a more popular and desirable commodity. Breaking in on this market early is a smart investment move considering the decline in oil availability and the environmental effects of fossil fuels.

Tesla continues to surpass the competition in quality cars combined with outstanding investment opportunities. Wall Street couldn’t get enough in 2013, and 2014 hasn’t been much different. Since the beginning of the year, shares are up more than 35%, and they continue to grow. In the spring, the Model S became available in China, a move substantially expanding the company’s capacity and abilities.

Why Should You Invest?

We aren’t all cut out to invest in Tesla, but following the trend in electric cars holds significant potential for the future. In addition to offering substantial financial benefits, investing in electric cars contributes to a much larger picture.

Not sure if investment is right for you? Consider the following reasons to make the choice:

  1. Conserving energy and creating renewable energy sources with electric cars continues to be a driving force behind the development of EVs. Minimizing the need for oil-based fuels and developing a dependency on more efficient technologies is important for the future of our planet. By investing in an EV company, you make a positive contribution towards the well being of the Earth.
  1. Market appeal. As Tesla has proven, EVs are one of the hottest items on the market currently. Although Tesla still doesn’t have the same market value of old-school automakers like GM, the potential for this type of company is endless. Consumers and investors alike share a growing interest in supporting the movement towards EVs.
  1. Pollution reduction. Companies like Tesla hold exciting possibilities for positively impacting the environment. Since EVs don’t rely on fuel, they also don’t produce the unnecessary pollution, which is an unavoidable byproduct of fuel-dependent vehicles.

Making It Happen

To make EVs a widespread option for normal Americans, people need to know where to invest to gain access to EVs in the future. Developing reliable, long-lasting batteries is one of the weak spots in current EV development. Although the demand is increasing rapidly, distributors like Chilean company Sociedad Quimica y Minera don’t seem to understand the potential of their industry. Stocks are cheap, and the investment opportunities are rich.

Tesla isn’t the only EV company with enormous potential at the moment. Smaller companies like Polypore International, Plug Power, Toyota Motors, and more are all good options for investment.

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