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Back to Basics: Hedge Fund Fundamentals

Are you a rookie at hedge fund diversification? Perhaps you’re a long time investor interested in moving into hedge funds. Either way, it’s important to refresh yourself about the best strategies for instilling solid hedge fund practices. No matter how much experience you have in investments, it’s always wise to continue educating yourself about the possibilities.

Despite the negative image hedge funds have earned over the years, they remain one of the pillars of wise investment opportunities in the financial world. Although the prospect might be intimidating, remember hedge funds have solid motives: positive annual return, stable value, and capital preservation.

How Are Hedge Funds Different?

The primary elements differentiating hedge funds from other types of investments are arbitrage, hedging, leverage, and a special focus on absolute returns.

Arbitrage strategies are vital for success. Developing a diverse roster of methods for arbitrage is part of making a hedge fund successful. Strategies like convertible arbitrage consist of managers acquiring a portfolio of securities. However, the securities must have the ability to transform into other kinds of securities for long-term success. An excellent example of this type of arbitrage is corporate bonds.

Event-drive strategies must be seized. When a timely opportunity presents itself, smart hedge fund manages pounce on the chance to perform large transactions like bankruptcy reorganization, mergers, and more.

Tactical strategies like market neutral must be utilized. This method is especially effective for gaining absolute returns. The goal of this type of strategy is to identify the returns of individual stocks from specific companies. It takes some serious contemplation, but when a market neutral manager feels it’s the right move, these types of strategies can be extremely beneficial for the hedge fund.

When you decide to start a hedge fund, do substantial research so you properly understand the requirements of this type of investment. The pressure is higher, and the rules are harder, but with the right management techniques, any hedge fund can achieve success.

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