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With over 15 years experience in alternative investments. My mantra is reduce risk, increase rewards. I am a frequent contributor to a number of groups on LinkedIn and welcome you to visit for a more complete profile.

Reduce Risk – Increase Returns

This is the first in a series of articles on defining real risk and how these definitions will help increase real returns in your portfolio. First then, what is risk?  Simple right, not as simple though as you may think.  As an example borrowing from a recent article I wrote about currency risk, what, you don’t invest in currencies?  Have you ever heard the saying that being in cash US dollar is being long the dollar?  If not that is a defining point.  Having money in an FDIC insured savings account is safe and risk free right?  Let’s tie those two thoughts together with a real example.  When the euro was first introduced it was trading around .80 cents to the US dollar, now you will need nearly $1.39 to buy that same euro.  You would need a gain of nearly 70% to have simply stayed even in your purchasing ... Read More »

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