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Mr. Maraslis has 28 years experience in the Maritime Industry and particularly in the fields of Ship Management, Marine Insurance, Investment, Ship Finance, Maritime logistics and International Trading. Lloyd’s List, Trade Winds and other International Maritime Newspapers and Shipping Magazines have published articles about Mr. Maraslis entrepreneurship and achievements.He is the writer of various articles published in Nafteboriki, The Greek Maritime Newspaper, NAYS, ELNAVI, Greek Shipping Magazines and he is the Author of two published, sociology content, books.Mr. Maraslis the last 28 years has partaken into international co operations with major international Organisations in Shipping Industry, Energy, Insurance, and Financial Institutions and until today he is organizing, planning and leading to the future both companies he founded 23 and 17 years ago together with an experienced, knowledgable and committed team of people who share his vision and goals.Mr. Maraslis is married with three children and lives in Piraeus, Greece.


Mr. Anastasios A. Maraslis

   ” IS GREEK SHIPPING UNDER THREAT?” by Mr. Anastasios Maraslis        S.T.I.C’s CEO/President.   Greeks dominate the seas since ancient times and Shipping has been the oldest form of occupation of the Greeks until today. The Greek ownership merchant fleet is the largest in tonnage capacity exceeding the 17% of the world’s total. Despite the past decades several economic recessions and shipping crises Greeks were always managing to come out of stronger and better off, with more ships than before. Their inherent talent to buy and sell timely, to manage their fleet economically during the recessed periods and the low freight, throat cutting competition, downturn shipping cycles – has been their distinctive advantage compared to other shipping nations. It’s been an International shipping standard to follow the Greeks in recessed periods and “do as they do”, until the decade of 2000. In the decade of 2000 shipping business and world trade ... Read More »

‘Risk Takers’- A High-Level View of Shipping Industry Opportunities

Risk Takers. Let’s face it. This is in fact what all investors are. There is no investment which can bring returns without taking some risk, except one, and that is Knowledge. This is why Fund Managers, Financial Advisors, Wall Street Gurus are highly remunerated and their annual hefty success bonuses exceed the wildest dreams of most ambitious and well paid executives. Bonuses flying at the range of few hundred millions us dollars to one or two billion! Investors’ usual critical questions are; Where and When? Two questions which demand knowledge, expert analysis and wise answers. Fund Managers and Financial Advisors usually have the knowledge and expertise to know the right answers to these troubleshooting questions. The last two years they have focused in one of the most profitable but also risky (due to its cyclicality) investment options, which is the Shipping industry! Shipping has been the talk of the day ... Read More »

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